We love what we do. We adore hosting guests and making their African dreams come true. When guests arrive they are often stressed from busy lives but during their stay with us, we watch them transform into the most magnificent version of themselves. Guests leave us feeling refreshed, revived, laughing and happy. Despite our experience in delighting guests we are aware that no two travelers are alike and everyone has different ideas of what they want to do in Africa. We would love to know what you have on your heart so that we can customize your trip exactly for you. We know a trip to Africa is your dream. We would love you to trust us to make that dream come true. You won’t be disappointed.

How Under African Skies Started

Under African Skies is the brainchild of Brad and PJ Bestelink who have both called the Okavango home for decades. In 1980 PJ founded one of the first ever camps in the Okavango Delta: Nxamaseri Island Lodge. For months he searched for the…


Why Botswana is a must-do life experience

When visiting Botswana, one expects the noises of city life to be traded with those of virtual silence. This is untrue. The sounds of nature are a flamboyant array of anything but silence. For this reason….


Why the Okavango Delta is like
nowhere on earth

It is challenging to communicate the uniqueness of the Okavango Delta via a written description. Even photos do it little justice. Even for this reason alone, it is a place that must be visited at least…