Discover the Sacred Tsodilo Hills

Magic does exist. You just need to find it. Tsodilo Hills is sacred for multiple reasons, and it has been since around 800 to 1300 AD when bushmen first began creating over 4 000 rock paintings. Subject matter ranges from the likes of whales and penguins to sexually aroused male figures. Consisting of four large pieces of rock, this rare spectacle rises dramatically from the dry, vast desert landscape.

The bushmen who have inhabited the area for over a thousand years, have humanised the dramatic natural formation by referring to the largest rock as ‘male’, the middle size as ‘female’ and the smallest as ‘child. The legend gets more interesting with the fourth hill being cited as the ‘male’s’ first wife. And yes, you guessed it – he left her for a younger woman. It is also believed to be the resting place of spirits.

The legend further tells that the top of the ‘male’ is most sacred. It is here where the first spirit created the world. It is believed by the Hambukushu people that their tribe was lowered by their God, Nyambe to the female hill. They have ‘evidence’ to prove it thanks to hoof prints that are imprinted into a rock. But beware! Anyone who hunts or harms near the hills will receive misfortune direct from the gods!

Expect to see the Tsodilo Gecko, various buck as well as hornbills, louries and Melba Finches. These hills are the perfect combination of legend and unique visual reward.