Why Botswana is a must-do life experience

When visiting Botswana, one expects the noises of city life to be traded with those of virtual silence. This is untrue. The sounds of nature are a flamboyant array of anything but silence. For this reason alone, visiting Botswana is special.

Instead of the ring of a cell phone, there are trills of insects. There are cries and incessant chatter from the extensive and varied birdlife. Hippos create a choir of trademark grunts and snorts, that Botswana wouldn’t be Botswana without. It’s sounds of real life. It’s the sounds you’ll keep on returning for. Botswana is live entertainment as nature intended.

It’s not just sounds, however, that delight. Botswana is famous for relatively easy sightings of some of the most magnificent African wildlife. Imagine the privilege of viewing an endangered wild dog in its natural habitat? Or perhaps an endearing, characterful aardvark may cross your path. One thing you can be sure of is seeing many elephant – Botswana has the largest elephant population on the African continent. Oh, the stories you can tell!

Botswana is also home to its very own migration. Second only in size to that of the Serengeti. In excess of 25 000 zebra begin their migration to sumptuous grazing grounds at the beginning of the rainy season in November. While it is spectacular there is no shortage of natural drama as predators such as leopard and lion stalk the young and weak.

Botswana can be explored via many modes of transport. From game drives, to horseback safaris, to Mokoro’s, to braving the African bush on foot (with a guide, of course), Botswana has something for everyone. It is little wonder that this home to the Okavango Delta, the Kalahari Desert and the Chobe National Park is one of Africa’s most sought-after safari and experiential destinations.